Saturday, February 06, 2010

"The Spirit Level" - Newham Fabian Event Friday 12 Feb

Tonight I received this email from Ellie the Secretary of Newham Fabians “Just letting you know about an event you may be interested in, organised by Newham Bookshop and Newham Fabian Society, I hope you can make it
On Friday 12th February at 7pm Richard Wilkinson is coming to Wanstead Library to promote his book, The Spirit Level. Wilkinson explores how economic inequality in developed societies affects social cohesion, health, crime, education levels, etc. It is highly influential and easy to read. It is a good weapon for those fighting for a more equal society.

For the Guardian's review and the official website, please follow these links-

The event will be chaired by a fellow Newham Fabian, Kevin Mansell. Tickets are £5 but Newham Fabians can get them for a reduced rate of £3 :)

Please call Vivian at the bookshop to get your ticket on 020 8552 9993

Looking forward to an interesting, lively discussion, see you then"

Then I got this link to the YouTube video featured above via a Facebook group message from The Equality Trust.

The key message is that “we do better when we're equal”.

I haven’t read the book yet but from the reviews it seems to make sense. All those who consider themselves to be progressive will probably agree with its findings. But of course we tend to disagree on how we bring about a more equal society. Trade union education courses use to teach trainee stewards about PIP – “Problem, Information and Plan”. If this book helps us agree on the “problem” and provides the “information” then hopefully the plan should follow.

Fingers crossed (and toes).


Anonymous said...


I saw Wilkinson's lecture at the Compass Conference in London last year - it was very good indeed, so I think this event will be well worth attending.

John Gray said...

Hi anon

Yes, I have a clash on Friday but I hope to be there.